My Place of Watertown is a brand new facility, located in a rural setting, in Jefferson County. The home was specially built to house 6 adult male residents, who need extra help and attention, in order to lead productive lives. Located in a rural setting in Watertown provides a dual benefit. Residents will be able to take advantage of planting and growing their own food, but also be close enough to town to have access to the city life. It is the best of both worlds. All residents will be ambulatory, as we are a Wisconsin state licensed Class A-Ambulatory (AA) facility. We specialize in assisting residents who are mentally and physically disabled. This includes traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and behavioral challenges. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality care and assistance in daily life skills to give residents the opportunity to live life to the fullest and be a productive part of their community.

Individual Service Plan

Because each resident is a special and unique individual, each resident needs a specialized service plan that will allow them to meet their goals and aspirations. Our trained staff will sit down with every resident’s care team and design an Individual Service Plan (ISP).  The ISP will be a fluid plan centered on each resident. It will be completed within the first 30 days of residence in My Place of Watertown. As the individual grows and changes, so will his plan. Monthly updates will be sent to the entire care team as well as an annual meeting to discuss successes and areas that require improvements.  Together, we will work closely with each resident to help them achieve both physical and mental goals that enhance their lives to the fullest.

Types of Clients

My Place of Watertown services adult males that need assistance dealing with developmental delays and disabilities, severe behavioral challenges and disorders as well as traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our goal is for the best quality of life we can afford our residents so they feel their life has meaning and purpose.

Our staff specializes in helping men achieve their goals with the following disorders or needs:

  • Lower or impaired cognitive functioning
  • Medication administration on a daily schedule
  • Maintaining stability and purpose in life
  • Time management
  • Impulse control
  • Community Integration
  • Elopement
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Depression and how to cope
  • Property damage or destruction
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Bathing and personal hygiene
  • Delusions or hallucinations and how to cope


My Place of Watertown is committed to providing only the best staff to care for its residents. We take great pride in our staff that supports our all male residents. We have a fully trained crisis specialist on staff to handle emergencies. We have 24 hour, awake staff members. We also have the ability to offer one-on-one staffing, should it be required by a resident. Our staff is trained to handle difficult behavioral issues from self-harm, destruction of property, elopement, depression, inappropriate sexual behaviors and more. Our staff works directly with the residents entire care team to provide safety, security and the best quality of life possible.

Medical Services

Once admitted into My Place of Watertown, our staff goes into action. We have written documentation allowing us to manage and monitor medications. We work directly with our pharmacy to have all medications pre-packaged and delivered. TB testing is required, along with a physical to show that our residents are free from any communicable diseases. We work directly with the residents’ physicians, psychiatrists, dentists and other health care providers, to make sure all residents receive the health care necessary. Care teams are kept up to date on any medical changes at all times.

Information and Referral Services

The staff members at My Place of Watertown take great pride in an active house. Residents are introduced to a variety of community activities through the local papers and on-line. Staff gets involved with residents to help determine interests and passions. We are always open to new activities, as suggested by residents or care teams. All professional services are coordinated by our house manager.

Leisure Time Services

Getting up, out and enjoying ones surroundings is all part of a happy and healthy outlook on life. At My Place of Watertown, we take pride in getting residents involved in their surroundings and community. As the seasons permit, our residents take part in gardening and raising chickens. Learning where food comes from can be educational and fun. Watertown offers many recreational activities such as bowling, tennis, softball, movies, restaurants, etc. Picnicking on the property can offer a change of pace when weather permits.  Movie night, game night or just talking are all activities that are enjoyed by residents and staff at My Place of Watertown. Our staff encourage  our residents to be active and a part of the community they live in.

Activities of Daily Living

My Place of Watertown was specially constructed to offer a “home away from home” setting. Family style meals will be served, as well as special meals as needed.  A common sitting area, game area and eating area are provided. Residents are encouraged to be involved in household chores from cleaning their rooms, making beds, folding laundry and meal preparation assistance as they are able. The staff will also maintain a clean and sanitary living environment. Working with staff to accomplish daily tasks that lead to greater self-esteem and ongoing independence is a daily goal at My Place of Watertown.

Daily Activities

At My Place of Watertown, we work with our residents to design a program around the likes, interests, and needs of each individual. Whether it is an interest in gardening, wildlife, cooking, etc., we work with our residents to help them develop life skills and social interactions with their surrounding community.

Our staff is trained to keep residents active and engaged with day to day actives. Some of our activities focus on singing, exercise, and strength training. Residents set goals and staff record their success. We’ve found that an active mind and body is a happy mind and body. Trying new activities help build self-esteem and confidence, which is constantly reinforced at My Place of Watertown.  Other activities that are fun for both residents and staff are our theme parties and deck parties. The back deck off the house has beautiful views of rolling farm fields and woods, with plenty of wildlife watching available.

Life Skills Coaching

Every resident at My Place of Watertown has their own special abilities and desires. Some residents are introverted and some extroverted. Some are very vocal and others silent. We work with all of our residents to help them function seamlessly in their home and out in the community.  We work with each resident’s medical team and care team to establish real life goals and methods to achieve those goals. A plan is put into place and progress documented and celebrated. Every new skill mastered leads to more freedom and greater self-esteem

Redirection, compassion, questioning and guiding are just some of the methods used by our skilled staff to help our residents deal with many of the day to day challenges that many of us take for granted. No achievement is too small and no setback is too big. Our staff works in conjunction with each residents care team to help them grow in ways they never dreamed possible. There are new levels of success met every day at My Place of Watertown.

Transportation Services

My Place of Watertown provides transportation to our residents for their medical and dental appointments. Public transportation, taxi cab services and MA transport are all available to our residents. We work with residents to teach them how to use public transportation and how to stay safe while out in the community.  These skills tie together with our Life Skills Coaching. Freedom and independence are a goal for our residents while in their home and in the community.

Daily Programming

Although each resident has their own daily schedule, a typical day in the life of a resident will look something like this:

6:00-7:00am  Wake up

7:30-8:30am  Breakfast and Medication

8:30-9:30am  Showering/Bathing, make beds, clean, laundry

9:30am-4pm  Activities, appointments, community engagement, day programs

11:30am-12:00pm  Medication if needed.

12:00pm  Lunch Time

4:30pm  Medication

5:00pm Supper

6:00pm  Relax/Play games

7:00p-9:00p  Prepare for bed

Seasonal activities will be available during free time to include yard work, gardening, lunch on the deck and more.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for My Place of Watertown begins with an email or call to our administrator. An assessment is set up to make sure the resident is a good fit for our facility. We will receive and review the following information simultaneous to an assessment:

  • Medical History
  • Psychological and Psychiatric Medical History
  • List of other Placements
  • Social Skills

We then work with the new residents entire care team to transfer all medical records and receive guardianship information. We have an admission physical done to ensure the new resident is free from any communicable diseases. For each new resident the transition period to My Place of Watertown is based on the needs of the residents and the wants of the care team. We strive to make every move as seamless and stress free as possible, as it is the beginning of a new chapter for our new resident.