My Place of Watertown was started based on a labor of love. Having had difficult first-hand experiences trying to find proper placement for a family member with developmental delays and behavioral issues, we came to realize the ongoing need for a specialized facility like My Place of Watertown.

At My Place of Watertown, we provide care for adult males with developmental delays, behavioral challenges, low IQ, and traumatic brain injuries. We are a State Licensed,  Ambulatory Class AA, 6 bed CBRF. Our staff have over fifteen years of combined, first-hand, experience in dealing with this specific type of resident. The Directors have over 25 years experience in the Health Care Industry. Everyone is attuned to providing the proper care, attention, coaching and redirection as needed for their residents to live full, healthy, rewarding lives. It is truly a mission of love, caring and commitment.

My Place of Watertown is located in a rural setting in Jefferson County. The location offers privacy, yet is just a few miles away from the city of Watertown. Our mission is to provide a home environment that is safe and provides each resident with the ability to be as independent and confident as possible, while giving back to the community in which they live.